Monday, June 18, 2007

Professional Life!!!!

Moving back to my 7th semester of B.Tech when I got a job!!!!!!!!I was very excited about the new life which I was about to face in next one year. Not only I, almost everyone was excited about his/her new life. Everyone had new dreams... new expectations from the new life. We all were happy that within next one year we all would become financially self-dependent (I would prefer to say self-dependent instead of independent :D), and can be said to be mature enough to take our decisions (even though we sometimes make very very un-mature decisions till now :P and i have seen one very very un-matured decision by one of the girls in our company leading to the termination of one boy from the job... well thats a different issue!!!!!!)

But the life of college was also not bad... rather i would say... it was faaaaaaarrrrr more better than this professional life. We all lived an ulti-cool life.... no concerns about the things of life.
If anyone asked of studies our answer had been............. "Studies??????? ha ha ha ha ... what a silly question you are asking!!!!!!!". Even in the end sems we used to start our study at the 12 midnight for exam at 8 am and some time not even at that time...
And attending classes.. whats it all about?? I never saw myself attending first and second classes... :P
And the most interesting part was going to the teachers for asking for attendance so that we could sit for the exams as 75% was the minimum requirement for attending end sems.
How to eat... how to dress... all were the questions out of our scope of thoughts.
We lived the life with a feeling of "Who the hell care where we land up"......

But with the entry to the Corporate world, the whole world around us have changed. We have to be in formals (thank God, that my company dont have restriction to wear only the formals... and we are allowed to wear informals like jeans, T-shirts etc.. ), have to be in good looks... etc etc.
We have to keep studying to keep us updated with the latest technologies and implementations. Studies never take a break else you would be broken out of the circle. We have grown responsibilities from our care taking to the care taking of the project (work) for its proper execution and completion. Bunking is out of scope!!!!!!!Isn't this cost of getting the feeling of Self-dependence too much????
but what could be done... this is the professional life..... Can say... "ITS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN"
I have a feeble hope of getting back to my OLD SIDE OF MY COIN!!!!!!
So, now let me ask a question..... How many of you want to be back to the OLD SIDE????????????

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My New Laptop!!!!!!

Well... it would be a bit late to introduce my laptop from which i am currently writing all my posts. But even then i think that it wud be good to introduce it to u all.
My Laptop... Lenovo Y500 77614AQ with all the basic features... 80GB HDD, DVD Writer, 512 MB RAM, Web Cam etc etc... Its not a Hi-Tech Laptop which i had been thinking to have but is sufficient to fulfill my current needs.

It has been almost 3 months for which i had been using my laptop. But sometimes i feel that am i able to use my laptop for the work which i had intended to do before buying it?? Is it the right work which i have been doing on it for last 3 months??? I had thought of buying the laptop in the month of october'06 but due to some reasons and restrictions, was able to make it up by Feb'07 (but i could get it in mid March '07). I was very eager to have it as i wanted to practice my new domain in which i had been working ie, Java which is again a story.
Before entering into this corporate world (Professional Life), i used to say myself a basic C++ programmer, but entry to Professional life changed a lot many things. I was allocated a project in Java, J2EE and had my training in Core Java and Advanced Java (J2EE). I sometimes doubt that how was i able to learn Java so easily and quickly... ie. in just 2 weeks!!!!!! Yeah... i had done Core Java in just 5 days... (in a Core Java training of 5 days out of which i had missed initial 3 days due to some mis-management so effectively 2 days for Core java !!!!!!) and J2EE in next 5 days. (Thats a different issue that after Java training also, i was not knowing anything in Java :P). And that was the main reason why i wanted to have my Laptop to learn and practice Java.
BUTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Was/Am I able to solve the purpose for which my Laptop was bought????????????????? Well... this had been the biggest question in my mind for last 3 months... And now i can proudly say that i have done something (not much... but yeah.. something) which is as per my initial thoughts.... As, i am about to release my first Product/Project :) Although, its not as per my expectations.. but that little work too will do ;) And it should do... as... "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".....

But i think from next time i need to be more efficient on my work bcoz as i am spending time in my job... its becoming increased responsibilities and efforts ..... as a result my aspiration and expectation related to my ultimate goal (sorry its something secret :P but i assure you all that i would be opening this pandora's box too some time [:)] down the line) might get hampered.......

But i believe in "Everything will go good for you..... as its all written by Almighty...... :) He might have something too good for you in his reserves...."

So, just waiting for that time to come..........

Bbye for now...... catch u all in my next post (hopefully with the release of MyCodeCounter [:)] )

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to my Blogs!!!!!!

Sorry for being out of my blog for soooooo longggg.... but i think i am back.... [:P]....
And hope to continue here .... (unless i get out of touch of my net connection :( )
And I am back to this blog with a new blog of mine.... "My Products/Projects" available just in the links of 'My Other Blogs'.

So... it had been tooo long and a lot many incidents happened in this long 1.5 yr time frame.. starting from facing tough times in my end days at my college... then end of my college life... and then joining the professional life...

And there comes the point of monotonicity.... THE PROFESSIONAL LIFE!!!!!!!!
Even after passing the 11 months of my professional life... now also, i feel that i am at the same place where i was 11 months back... trying to understand this professional world... and i think i will spend my whole life in understanding it... and even though i will feel my whole life to be very small time to learn and understand this professional world.

Everyday in the evening i feel that i have learnt a lot much about this professional world, but the next day morning i find myself back to the same point where i was last morning... with some more complications, terms and conditions etc etc of this professional world....

Well, don't be confused :) and i may be presenting some of my incidents which may help you decide and know more about this professional world.

So... till then...