Thursday, May 26, 2016

My first Icy Canada Winter 2013-14

Like many other people I had a dream to live in snow/icy place for a long term...
As when you are in vacation on this climate, your soul purpose is to make fun. But you can't imagine what kind of fun/trouble are facing by the local peoples who live there.
Fortunately, this year I got a chance to feel the icy winter of Canada... In initial days, I was very eager to see the snow fall. I was feeling very happy to roam in snow fall (It feels like cotton udh rahi ho). I never put my leg on bunch of snow (Now you think I am stupid but actually I personally feel that I should not scattered the design of snow). Wherever I saw, whether its tree, road, lake, hills or roof everywhere I found snow. It feels like I am in heaven.

 Sun & Snow

But within 2 weeks my charm of snow had finished. As I had to go for grocery in this weather without any vehicle. Now you can imagine, why I am saying this (wearing 4 layers on body and 2 pair of socks didn't attack on weather plus carrying heavy grocery on hand becomes me penguin)

View from my balcony

Things were not stop here, I was feeling very helpless when snow converts into ice (It is the condition when snow melt in day due to sunny weather and it convert into ice in night due to fall in temperature). Initially It looks very good but roads become very slippery on this time, many times I fall and injured myself.. 
In the starting of winter people said to me this was my first winter here that's why I was feeling too cold but at the end of the winter, same people told me that this winter was very severe. But the reality is, this winter was actually very cold as it breaks many past records. You can imagine my condition when you know that Niagara falls were also frozen for 2-3 days. So how sever the winter was...And this was my first winter in Canada...